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1) Products packaged for breakfast: the Italian law on B & B requires us to serve single-portion packaged products. For those who wish to learn moreabout it here is the normative reference http://www.bed-and-breakfast.it/tesi/13/8.cfm (Friuli Venezia Giulia). When it is possible, however, we like to offer cakes, biscuits and homemade jams by virtue of ‘HACCP certificate for food handling achieved by Mrs. Patricia (owner of the property).

2) Breakfast self service: for self-service breakfast we mean that in the breakfast room, guests will find everything they want to make their own breakfast. Ms. Patrizia will also help you to find the coffee and hot drinks ready. If these drinks had been exhausted by other guests of the structure, you just have to warning  Ms. Patrizia about it and she will prepare them back.

3) Breakfast room shared: Casa Stucky is a property with variuous rooms, it follows that the breakfast room is shared among multiple guests. However, the room is sufficiently large and well equipped to ensure that the guests do not get in the way. We suggest you use this feature to familiarize or exchange your journey experience.

4) Breakfast Sweet / Savoury : we are in Italy and our customers are mainly Italians for this reason breakfast consists of sweet products. We are still available for a savory breakfast (with eggs, cheese and salami) after a due inquiry with a modest surcharge.

5) Location: As you have seen from the photos of the site Casa Stucky is included in a superb villa situated on a street unfortunately a bit ‘desolate and dimly lit. If on all of aspects relating to the management of the B & B we may work to improve this, unfortunately, location does not depend on us. We can, however, ensure that the path is safe and not have ever occurred regrettable if you want it then we can reserve with a modest contribution a parking place directly inside the structure: in maximum security.

6) Towels and products for personal hygiene:  towels are changed every 3 days and guests can find soap and bubble bath in their bathrooms. A daily change of towels or a large supply of products for personal hygiene, other than those listed above would result in a surcharge (as would normally happen in a hotel).